CHEF TALK / 14.11.18

Short Rib Ragu Parppadelle

Rich and complexly flavored, a ragù made from slow-cooked short ribs makes for an impressive special this month at The MAINE. An irresistible sauce gives this beef another dimension of flavor. It’s decadent rich comfort food that’s perfect for a cold winter’s night. Make sure to call in to make sure this dish is available in the kitchen because this is one you’d definitely want on your table!



CHEF TALK / 01.10.18

Steak Tartare

Give a man a Steak and he eats for a day. Give a man a Steak Tartare from The MAINE and he’s hooked for a lifetime. Our Steak Tartare, lively, with lovely punchy flavours. For those who appreciate the charms of finely chopped raw beef, this simple classic is something not to miss out on. Lip lickin' good and 100% tummy rumbling satisfaction. We promise you that. See you at The MAINE!



CHEF TALK / 06.09.18

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It!

Sounds fishy? We don't think so! This tasty yet light combination of tangy and fresh pico de gallo, generously placed atop battered cod with a flavourful juicy crunch, whilst being tucked in between homemade soft flour torillas, and drizzled lovingly with lemon aioli... Need we say more? This dish will definitely drive your senses overboard! See you at The MAINE! 



CHEF TALK / 26.07.18

There’s Nothing Bigger Than Colossal!

Shrimp cocktail may not have the adult sophistication of raw oysters or chilled lobster, and it's not an acquired taste, like sea urchin. Nope, shrimp cocktail is a dish that everyone always enjoys and that's exactly why it's a classic. Made of juicy, plump, colossal shrimps paired with horseradish cocktail sauce that is incredibly flavorful with a perfect balance of spicy tangy heat, this is a dish thats perfect for anytime of the day. now if you'll excuse us, we'll be chilling indoors chowing down on some shrimp with a refreshing cocktail at hand...



CHEF TALK / 08.07.18

Slice, Slice, Baby!

We’re  pretty sure we can all agree that pizza is the quintessential meal. It crosses all boundaries and pleases people of all ages and genders, but our version of Mushroom & Truffle Pizza takes your usual from fine to sublime and might even inspire you to change your relationship status to “engaged to pizza”. If only you could smell this. Really. If only you could smell this combo of fresh baked bread, earthy mushrooms and musky, sexy, truffle… 



CHEF TALK / 03.06.18

We Only Have Pies For You

If you didn't leave room for dessert, did you even dine at The MAINE? Enter: Our Key Lime Pie. Sweet, tangy and rich, there’s a reason why this is a beloved classic that sells out almost every night. Since we're not down with that pre-made crust stuff, every last detail in this damn delicious dessert is made from scratch. With just one bite, you can tell this silky key lime filling paired with our salted crust is going to be difficult to share. With summer around the corner, here’s to a season full of sugar highs and tangy sweets.



CHEF TALK / 08.05.18

Jerry’s Rum Baba

Time flies when you're having rum – especially when it's in dessert form and inspired by a classic cocktail. If you are a fan of booze-laced adults-only desserts, these soul-soothing babas are designed for those icy cravings of yours. Soft, indulgent and full of flavor, this dessert is almost too pretty to eat… Perfect to pair with one of our signature cocktails while enjoying the final few weeks of Spring on our terrace. Try all our dessert items here...



CHEF TALK / 04.04.18

Sticky Toffee Pudding  

Too much of a good thing can be bad...but we believe that too much good sticky toffee pudding is barely enough. Tuck into this classic British dessert - a moist sponge base filled with dates covered in salted caramelised toffee— special enough to be served for company and simple enough to be enjoyed after a weeknight dinner. We challenge you to resist. Book your table right now!  



CHEF TALK / 28.02.18

Blueberry Cheesecake  

What’s that saying? “A cheesecake a day keeps the doctor away?” Ok so we’re no medical consultants, but The MAINE is an expert at creating delicious dishes, and dessert is no exception. You'll know you’ve found true love when you’re willing to share your a slice of The MAINE's Blueberry Cheesecake. Light and creamy, this dessert is a fabulous dessert for any occasion during any time of the year. Book your table right now!  


CHEF TALK / 22.01.18

Rigatoni Arrabiatta  

We over at The MAINE love cooking up an Italian dish, and a world without Rigatoni Arrabiata feels like a very bleak place indeed. The pasta that bites you back as the thing that distinguishes arrabbiata from the tens, possibly hundreds of other tomato-based sauces in the Italian repertoire, the chilli element feels important– it is not shy of a bit of heat. Topped off with some burrata and fresh basil, we’ll definitely be seeing you back for this dish, book your table right now!  



CHEF TALK / 14.12.17

Apple pie a la mode  

Flaky buttery crust, perfectly cooked apples speckled with plump cinnamon raisins, and topped off with a heap of ice cream. Just like Grandma makes; This is what the holidays taste like, at The MAINE. Share this festive dessert with your loved ones, book your table right now.  



CHEF TALK / 07.09.17

Jerk Crabado  

Using spice, our crabs are brought back to life, so be careful -- it may snip... it may snap... Indulge at your own risk. Don’t worry though, our Jerk Crabado has got smooth avocado to balance it all out. Plus the freshness of this shellfish starter makes for a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Dishes like this are an hommage to seafood heads everywhere, proving why we're obsessed with offering the best seafood in Dubai. Grab this dish by the claws, and don't forget to enjoy it with one of our cool Gins (don't miss that damn trolley!) and book your table right now.  



CHEF TALK / 31.07.17

Steak TarTar 2.0  

You could say, we like it raw at The MAINE. So our tartares are no laughing matter, which is why the latest makeover of our filet mignon steak tartare is noteworthy. A decadent dish featuring bright flavors and gorgeous garnishes like Italian green olives, pink peppercorns, and mustard aioli. So sexy, you might not want to eat it. But if you do, you can book ahead of the rest here...



CHEF TALK / 28.06.17

Lime is the Key  

When the perfect bite of tangy bright lime is cushioned by heavenly soft meringue, you’re probably indulging in our Key Lime Pie. The delicious dollop of house made whipped cream sitting on top of our favourite summer dessert is also why it’s a must-try after a solid dose of ocean-fresh oysters and white wine. The unsung hero of The MAINE’s menu, this chocolate alternative is a hit. Book your table now to see for yourself…


CHEF TALK / 14.06.17

Better Than Your Grandma's  

Classic North American cuisine is incomplete without a warm chocolate chip cookie covered in cool vanilla ice cream. As an homage to this crowd pleaser, we continue to find ways to make it better than your grandma’s recipe (impossible, maybe...but we’re ambitious at The MAINE) So we’ve consulted with the experts to bring you an even more decadent version; it’s cheat-day-fantastic and waiting for you to book your table.



CHEF TALK / 29.03.17

Pecan Pie For The Win 

We’re obsessed with making everything at The MAINE, and our desserts are no exception. The Maple Pecan Pie is an incredible brown butter medley covered in a Canadian Maple sauce. A decadent tree nut on it’s own, our Chef creates a medley of sugar cradled in a buttery crisp of a shell. An East Coast classic, skipping out on dessert is technically a crime, so don’t be heinous and treat yourself.


CHEF TALK / 29.03.17

The Fisherman's Soup

The Fisherman's Soup is a beautiful mix of our favourite shellfish in a silky tomato garlic broth, and every once in a sand storm, the city of Dubai actually cools down - making it the obvious choice. When the chill blows through town, tuck into a booth (or watch the rain sprinkle from our sprawling terrace) and enjoy this incredible soup. Even if it's not raining, we all know how the air conditioning can keep us on the borderline of catching a cold, so don't risk it, eat at #TheMAINEDXB instead. You can reserve your booth here.


CHEF TALK / 30.01.17

Beard Trims For All



The Opening of Akin, our favorite neighborhood barber, in JBR calls for a serious celebration. That is why we are collaborating with Akin to give 20% discount for all of our dapper gents who come and dine with us for lunch from the 1st till the 30th of February...


CHEF TALK / 28.12.16

Salmon Tartar

One of the newest items on the Fall / Winter menu, we take the incomparable quality of Norwegian Salmon and mix it up with fresh horseradish, capers, dill, salsa verde, shallots, and homemade potato chips. There is nothing quite as satisfying as this combo of flavors paired with a damn good glass of wine. Lunch is served. 


CHEF Talk / 14.12.16

Chargrilled Octopus

By far the most popular dish at The MAINE (after the Fish Tacos of course!) is the Chargrilled Octopus - a delicate meat; tender, purple, and just about perfect dish that chef always prepares himself. 

See, Portuguese octopus is a delicate meat that needs not to be covered in sauce or accompanied by complicated ingredients. When prepared right, a simple coat of high quality olive oil or butter makes for the perfect dish.

Fresh herbs and some seasonal veggies is all we do to garnish, but the real trick boils down to the water: how long the octopus soaks, the heat of the water, and preparing it 'à la minute'. Here's a break down of how we make this star dish:

1.        Bring a pot of water to a boil. 

2.        Take your whole octopus and dip in the boiling water. Reduce the heat to a slow simmer. 

3.        Simmer for 60 to 90 minutes, poking with knife to see how tender it is.

4.        When it falls off the knife with no resistance, it's done. 

5.        Boil the sunchokes until soft, then blend with butter.

6.        In another pan, sautée onions capers garlic and anchovies, with olive oil. 

7.        Serve all together on a hot plate and voilà !