Morecambe Bay Oysters

The sun has finally decided to shine... time to stop and smell the rosé on our terrace while you shuck on one of our favorite oysters from Morecambe Bay. These oysters are shaped by nature's forces over vast golden sands, a special place where the lakes meet the sea. Never stop trying something new, Morecambe Bay is our oyster of choice for our SHUCK FEST promotion of AED 10 per oyster, Weekdays 6pm to 8pm. View our Full Oyster Menu here  and book your table here.




Daisy Bay Oysters

Did it just get hot in here? A feast for the eyes! In fact, a feast for all the senses. The Daisy Bay Oysters from Prince Edward Island are the epitome of premium Canadian oysters. They're dynamic taste and glistening, full meats reflect the pristine waters they are grown in. We admit it...we’re a little SHELLFISH. But wouldn’t you be too if you were made to share this! Book your table today.




Tsarskaya Oysters

The Tsarskaya Oyster have been the food for kings since the dawn of time. Fresh from France and an ideal oyster, with just a small squeeze of lemon, has a clean taste that everyone absolutely adores. An iodine hit, the right amount of saltiness and a fresh pure acidity which meant this will keep you coming back for more, have too much fun and you might just pull a mussel. Book your table today.




Kaipara Oysters

They say you only live once so make it count. But if you’ve had our shuck of the month, Kaipara Oysters then once is enough. With an origin of New Zealand and a large, deep-cupped shell, our Kaipara Oysters have an aroma and flavor that encapsulates the pristine Kaipara Harbour waters: the smell of fresh ocean spray accompanied by a gentle yet intense brine with soft, creamy-textured meats and a citrus rind finish. Book your table and tease your palate with our favorite festive starter today.





The nutrient rich waters of the Atlantic and Irish seas combined with the local rivers & streams create a sweet and meaty unique oyster. Dig into the rich flavors of our SHUCK of the Month, Utah, fresh from Waterford, Ireland. Book your table and tease your palate with our favorite festive starter today.




We Call Dibs! 

Our local sources mean a lot to us. This month, we’d like to shine a light to our Dibba Oysters, which were farmed off the pristine waters of Dibba, Northern Fujairah, where the warm waters of the Gulf of Oman are the ideal spot for fresh oysters to grow. These little guys will make you homesick for the local waters. A dozen of these babies paired with any of our custom cocktails is a serious winning combination. Keep it local and book your table here...




Bloody Mary Deluxe

Holy shell! Our latest oyster creation is salty fresh, a little sweet, cold and delicious. A combination of a fin de claire oyster and poached shrimp sitting delicately atop the best Bloody Mary in the city, served only at The MAINE of course. Ideal for those slow morning afters, an afternoon delight, or a rich evening drink. It's whatever, and better than ever. Read more how to get your hands on one here...




Prat Ar Coum

They say you haven’t really lived until eating a Prat Ar Coum oyster from the shores of Brittany, France. At least we think that’s how the saying goes. Either way, our SHUCK of The Month is none other than the shellfish celebrated for it’s plump, creamy texture, buttery notes and a nutty flavour that pairs perfectly with any of our Chardonnays. So fresh, a dozen of these should have it’s own title; Prat Pack? You be the judge.



Loch Fyne

Imagine a salty wooden crate delivered to your doorstep, containing those gems of the ocean known as oysters, week after week. Logistically, this might be a nightmare, so we’ve taken care of the hard part and sourced the world’s freshest shellfish for you. This month’s favorite oyster is the Loch Fyne, found growing in the freezing sea waters of the United Kingdom. A clean and fresh profile, these bold flavors pair perfectly with our recently revamped white wine menu and champagne selection. Make sure to book your table so you can taste them for yourself. 




Kelly Galway

Maybe it’s something to do with the 'Luck of The Irish' that oysters from their freezing-ass coastline are next level good, The MAINE is still waiting on scientific proof. Whatever the reason, we receive shipments of Kelly Galway's straight off the boat, making them our favourite oyster to highlight this month. Beautiful, symmetrical, round and plush, these oysters have won the hearts of shellfish addicts around the world. Including our kitchen - come shuck for yourself.




The incredible taste of our latest Camargue Oyster is a result of a special situation. Sitting pretty between the Rhone and the Mediterranean Sea, the Camargue oysters receive an input of freshwater providing the necessary nutrients for these babies to grow rapidly and taste like your new favorite afternoon delight.  Book your table to get your drink and shuck on right here.



Fine de Claire

This French treasure is arguably the most famous oyster in the world, and is perfect for oyster aficionados and virgins alike. This rich and balanced oyster is less fleshy than its counterparts. Originating from the Marennes Oléron basin in South West France, the Fines de Claire is our oyster of choice for our SHUCK FEST promotion of AED 10 per oyster, Weekdays 5pm to 8pm. View our Full Oyster Menu here...




La Gorhou

Part of our crackin’ New Oyster Menu, the La Gorhou oyster is situated in Val de Saire at the North-Eastern end of the Cotentin peninsula, Saint Vaast la Hougue is the original centre for the Normandy oyster. 

Oyster farming is concentrated in the Bay of Saint Vaast la Hougue around Tatihou Island, in the shelter of the La Hougue headland and the Northern part of Utah Beach. Saint Vaast la Hougue is an important fishing port for both fish and seafood. There is a constant ballet of boats coming in and going out with the tides.

Pavillon-bleu Saint Vaast la Hougue has been a certified European Bleu Port (Port Bleu Européen) each year since 1996 for the efforts undertaken on behalf of the environment, marine protection and sustainability. Saint Vaast la Hougue is also a highly appreciated seaside holiday destination with beautiful Val de Saire granite houses along the dock, and the streets.

People love Saturday morning market with products supplied directly from local fishermen and farmers’ trucks. Thanks to its active yacht club, adults and children are able to sail around Tatihou Island. In the distance we can see the Saint Marcouf Islands – sentinels of the Baie de Seine. A fine oyster grown in the sea without any concession. La Gorhou stays in the oyster beds around 30 months before being sold. It is the oyster of the open ocean, with a real ocean taste.


SHUCK of the Month / 15.12.16

Lucky Limes

The NEW Oyster Menu at The MAINE is by far the most ambitious Oyster Menu ever created in Dubai, boasting 12 (Yes, TWELVE!) varieties of Oysters from The Atlantic, Pacific and European Flats.

With deliveries up to three times a week there is always a rotating selection for you to choose from. We know this might be a little overwhelming for some, so we are dedicating each blog to an oyster - some fun facts, tasting notes and a perfect pairing with your favourite bivalves…

This month we’re featuring Lucky Lime Oysters from Prince Edward Island, Canada (that’s P.E.I for those of you in the know).

These mossy green beauties are mother nature’s equivalent of a gold mine when it comes to incredible tasting oysters, and the perfect intro to oyster virgins because of their delicate briny flavor. Lucky Limes are exclusively found at The MAINE, making us the only spot to order a dozen over the holidays. Pop some champagne, and start shucking - you might just get lucky.