Salted Baked Wild Seabass

As the rock-salt covering effectively seals in the natural flavours and moisture of the fish, making it wonderfully succulent. The result is a moist and juicy, super healthy with amazing flavors and aroma, salt baked wild sea bass. So good you’d want to swim upstream to our kitchen and spawn. Please don’t. Still don’t believe us? It might just be one of those recipes you have to try for yourself!




TLC: Tender, Light & Crispy

An almost healthy portion, from our beautifully selected Canadian milk-fed veal, prepared to your liking with a generous, golden, parmesan coating. The sharp taste of the cheese and the succulent, tender cut of the meat  creates the most enticing combination to engage the senses enough to keep you wanting more...




Diet Starts Tomorrow

When The MAINE's Burrata is delivered straight from Puglia, you know it's not a menu item to overlook. Garnished with tomatoes and basil so fresh, they compete with any Italian grandmother's garden. This exquisitely rich, soft and creamy cheese resembles a large ball of mozzarella, but make no mistake, it’s arguably better. A satisfying slice into the cheese reveals a lush interior of soft curd and fresh cream. Tempted yet? Served with leatherwood honey and our oven roasted bread, this is the perfect summer dish that is rich in flavor yet light to bite. 




Fuad Barahim Award for Excellence

The latest addition to our awards you might have noticed hanging around The MAINE is the Fuad Barahim Award of Excellence, beating 16 other restaurants for the title, the award is run by the Chaine des Rotisseurs Dubai, who celebrates and works to raise the standard of fine wine, cuisine and dining in the UAE.



THE MAINE Dish / 08.05.18

Mac N' Cheese:Your fave got an upgrade.

New Spring special dish alert- not to be cheesy, but you’d definitely want to say hallo(umi) to our new special, our Lobster Mac & Cheese. Everyone loves mac ’n’ cheese, but the addition of sweet, rich lobster turns this into a luxurious treat – perfect for those craving a creamy, cheesy, rich comfort food. Topped with garlic breadcrumbs for a crispy finish. Extra saucy, extra cheesy, and perfectly carb loaded. Summer body? Pass. Book your table here.



THE MAINE Dish / 04.04.18

Oh My Grill!

Hot off the Grill, The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill is thrilled to introduce its NEW 3 Course Brunch with Open Bar (incl. Bloody Bar & Mimosas) for ONLY AED 390pp. Enjoy all of our greatest hits, tacos, truffle pizza and more with a Surf and Turf Grill menu that will make grown men cry. Fridays & Saturdays 12pm till 4pm. Book now!



THE MAINE Dish / 19.02.18

The Supper Club

Peroni Nastro Azzurro and The MAINE present “The Supper Club.” Five courses of authentic Italian food, plus cocktails, wine and Peroni all in a pop-up garden. Book a table daily for AED350 per person from March 19th -24th. Straight from Milan’s infamous supper club; Ma’ Hidden Kitchen, make your Instagram followers jealous and dine with us #TheItalianWay. And the chef? Say “ciao” to Stefano Ratti - a leading Italian chef, with a Michelin-star resumé from restaurants across the globe. He’ll be hanging at The MAINE pairing Peroni (along with craft cocktails and specially chosen wines with his perfect pasta, along other Italian delicacies. Book now!



THE MAINE Dish / 28.02.18

Mac N' Cheese

According to a highly respected publication (our menu), the dry homemade mac and cheese you get from the box growing up is out. The MAINE’s Mac N’ Cheese is in. This one is made of THREE different cheeses, garlic, and panko crust, it’s cheesy, rich, ooey and gooey. Our mac and cheese will knock your socks off. Then go put ’em back on and run a marathon.. Book now!



THE MAINE Dish / 22.01.18

Spring Chicken

Who doesn't start the New Year pledging to begin a new healthier lifestyle? Annually we make new year's resolutions in an attempt to start afresh and turn over a healthy new leaf. As eating a healthier diet tops the good intentions list for many this year it is difficult finding healthy options at your favorite restaurants. Luckily, at The MAINE we offer up a variety of super starters, super good for you foods to start your new year right! Our corn fed chicken with garlic mash and asparagus is equal parts rich and flavourful. Packed with high protein content and an important source of vitamins and minerals, this dish is not only delicious but could possible also help you get over that common cold you caught over the holidays! Served with garlic mash and aparagus to get some vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6 in! Book your table now.



THE MAINE Dish / 14.12.17

Celebrate Christmas & NYE at The MAINE

Here at the MAINE, we know how to celebrate, join us won’t you? Ring in the New Year with our 4 course menu, open bar and bubbles at midnight, where you can cheers to a New Year and a new you. It’s time to party in style, MAINE style. The perfect place to celebrate with the ones you love, our carvery and cocktail menu is unlike anywhere else in town, book your booth now.



THE MAINE Dish / 15.11.17

Holiday Happenings

The Holiday season is here. Even if we don’t get chilly weather here in Dubai, we can close our eyes and feel like we are cozied up by the fire in our ugly wool sweaters. Now get down here and taste our roasted turkey roulade with apricot sage stuffing, perfectly roasted veg and cranberry sauce, and wash it all down with our new mulled wine. It’s beginning to look a lot like….winter at The MAINE.


THE MAINE Dish / 15.10.17

Poutine Passion

It’s time to taste something from across the globe! Poutine - a Canadian specialty that we’ve welcomed with open arms into our kitchen has been met with nothing but great feedback. We've got lobster! We've got short rib! Plus, we've got the classic style with real Canadian cheese curds; As the only restaurant in Dubai serving up these moreish little delights, we’d urge you to not miss out. You can book a table to ensure your poutine fix is satisfied here.




THE MAINE Event / 15.10.17

It's Terrace Time

Guys, guys! Our terrace is now OPEN! So grab your foodie friends and join us for your favourite MAINE meal in our charming new outdoor setting. So soak up the evening air, shuck on your go-to oysters, order one of our fresh cocktails and follow the five words of wisdom we live by at MAINE: “Always order the extra fries.” You’ll thank us later. And it's just the beginning, so book your table for a season full of al fresco moments before the secret is out of the bag.



THE MAINE Event / 07.09.17

Gin Fever

If you’ve visited The MAINE recently, you may have noticed our new Gin Trolley making the rounds. Boasting ten boutique Gins that have been carefully hand picked, tried and tested by our liquor experts, our Gin game is stronger than ever. Don’t miss out on our Gin Fever promotion, on Sunday and Mondays, 2 for 1 on all Featured Gins from 5pm till 12am. Come take a seat in the dining room and don't worry about making a move, our Gin trolley will pull right up like, skrrt skrrt... Make a reservation here before it pulls off quick. 


THE MAINE Event / 31.07.17

Lobster Fest Is Here

Summer dreams are often intrinsically tied to the delicious seasonal food we eat. On the East Coast, these dishes include buckets of seafood cracked on the spot, accompanied with ice cold white wine, laughter and sunsets. And although we may not have The Hamptons in Dubai, JBR is the next best thing, and in following a famous MAINE tradition, our Annual Lobster Fest is finally here. From August 5th to August 14th we’re celebrating our favorite shellfish with a special menu featuring Lobster Tail, Snow Crab Legs, Mussels Marinier, and Black Tiger Shrimp. But we know you want it all, so order the Mixed Seafood Pot to taste one of each. Plus, there's corn on the cob, garlic butter, ratte potatoes, and our addictive house made garlic bread. Don't miss out! It's only on for two weeks! Book your table now...


The MAINE best seafood restaurant dubai mussels
The MAINE best seafood restaurant dubai

THE MAINE Event / 31.07.17

Flex Those Mussels

We know Lobster gets all the attention, but it’s not just about red shells. Mussel heads unite! Our Steamed Dutch Mussels Marinier is a combination of juicy shellfish covered in a silky, savory sauce, ideal for soaking up with our housemade loaf of garlic bread. Yep, this is not a drill. If you're as excited to try this seasonal special you better book your table like, right now.


The MAINE best seafood restaurant dubai foie poutine
The MAINE best seafood restaurant dubai

THE MAINE Event / 27.06.17

Canada Day & The 4th of July

Celebrating is what we do best at The MAINE, and when the sun is strong and the drinks are cold, it’s time to partake in the traditions of our favorite North American holidays: Canada Day and The Fourth of July. That’s why Saturday July 1st we’re serving foie gras and poutine to thank Canada for creating such an epic dish. Then Tuesday July 4th come taste our East-coast inspired crab cakes to remember why the USA does seafood so damn well. Dubai may not pull out the fireworks for these special nights, but our special menu and flowing cocktails will make you feel right at home.

The Maine oyster bar and grill
The Maine oyster bar and grill

THE MAINE Dish / 27.06.17

Scallop Appreciation Post

The ocean’s delicacies aren’t just about oysters, scallops hold high up on our list too. It’s probably why our super popular Roasted Scallops is a best seller at The MAINE. The buttery, silky texture of our pan seared scallops, combined with the salty indulgence of beef bacon and garnished with peas and garden-picked herbs, the attention to ingredients is why you’ll want to order one every time.


THE MAINE Dish / 14.06.17

Trios Do It Better

It’s easy to say no one does raw dishes in Dubai quite like us, mostly because it’s true, but this is also due to our devotion to sourcing the freshest fish in the sea. This results in a tartare medley of salmon and tuna that literally melts in your mouth faster than you can say “Bring me another!”

The kick? It’s not just seafood in our trio; we feature a steak tartare made up of raw filet mignon minced with magical items like… Potato bark! Pea shoots! Served on a pink clam shell! It’s designed for your consumption pleasure, and you can book your table here to find out how good it is for yourself.


THE MAINE Event / 14.06.17

Ramadan Kareem & Eid Mubarak!

We would like to wish all of our MAINE Dish readers a happy month of holidays, celebrating with families and friends. Throughout this Holy Month of Ramadan, we’ve maintained our normal hours of operation, and will continue to throughout Eid-al-Fitr. That means our full menu, 12pm-12am, 7 days a week we’re open. Plus all the usual not-to-miss events at The MAINE are taking place - from Ladies Night, to Clam Jam, to Brunch - will be business as usual. Check out everything happening on the blog now.


THE MAINE Dish / 01.05.17

That New New

What’s best about The MAINE is we love to switch it up. Although we’ll never even consider ditching our staples like the Crispy Fish Taco, Tuna Tartare or Chargrilled Octopus, but there are some 'new kids on the block' you must check out on your next visit.

Sourced from the freshest produce and top quality seafood and meat, first up is the Roasted Scallops, three pan seared scallops, beurre blanc, and beef bacon bring savory appetizers to a whole new level. Our latest sexy addition to the array of entrées is our Surf N’ Turf, a gargantuan portion of rock tail lobster next to a succulent cut of filet mignon.

It’s the perfect dish to treat yo’self with, but the same goes for our Pan Seared Tuna: sesame crusted sushi-grade tuna on a gorgeous bed of puy lentils, this light yet fulfilling plate is already a hit. For the pasta lovers, the Pasta Clam Bake is a classic option, featuring piles of melt-in-your-mouth clams to accompany our new wine list which includes fresh tangy whites, a celebration of flavour.

Naturally next is a showcase of our raw dishes, the Trio of Tartar. Tuna, salmon, and steak are gloriously bathed in their own marinades to make any crudo lover cry from joy. And last but not least our Colossal Shrimp Cocktail is a kick-ass pairing of freshly caught shellfish and our homemade cocktail sauce, it’s tastes like a dip in the summer sea; paired with the crispest glass of champagne, there’s actually no reason not to make your reservation.


THE MAINE Event / 30.04.17

Awards Season at The MAINE

It’s been an incredible year of wins for The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill. Winning “Best Newcomer” by — WHAT'S ON, to gaining the title “Best Seafood Restaurant” from the esteemed BBC GOOD FOOD, to recently nabbing the title of “Best Restaurant Bar” from Time Out Dubai. It’s been one hell of an exciting ride, and we love all of you for keeping it that way. Awesome awards aside, the season’s are changing and so is our menu...  


THE MAINE DISH / 10.04.17

A Sexy Surf N' Turf

Surf n’ Turfers rejoice - the filet mignon has met it’s match. A Gargantuesque Australian Angus filet served with a Caribbean rock lobster tail is truly the best of both worlds. This hyper-macho, sexy dish is absolutely over the top. Succulent as hell, our Surf N’ Turf is designed for you to feast on the spoils of your success (or to commiserate in your failures, we don’t judge at The MAINE). Whatever the reason, pair it with a bold and beautiful Cabernet while revisiting the reason you love to eat meat in the first place. Book your table today. 


THE MAINE DISH / 29.03.17

Brunch Imitates Art at The MAINE

Brunch at The MAINE has always been a weekend hotspot. An à la carte menu with an optional beverage package has been our fare, but now we’ve switched it up. Due to popular demand, you can receive our food and beverage package for 450AED exclusively on Fridays from 12pm-4pm. Our Family style menu features all the hits: Chargrilled Octopus, Crispy Fish Tacos, Truffle Pizza, Tuna TarTare and Chicken N’ Waffles with that seriously amazing truffled maple syrup. That’s just to start - Our entrées include the Sliced Rib Eye and Spicy Shrimp Linguini, and dessert is not to be missed; good luck choosing between the Rocky Road Brownie or the Soft Baked Cookie, it isn’t easy. Book your table today.


THE MAINE Event / 08.03.17

Neptune's Folly

It goes a little something like this: 6 Snow crab legs, 12 prawns, 18 oysters & 2 scallop ceviche sit atop a glorious tower when the Neptune’s Folly dish arrives to the table. A seafood lover’s dream, The MAINE has made sure to choose the best shellfish available in Dubai to feature on one of our most popular dishes. Pair this with the super fresh Pear of Aces, a ginger and lime based Ketel 1 cocktail that kicks up the evening. To be honest, if surviving off raw dishes was an option, the raw bar would be home away from home: ceviches, tartares, carpaccio, and crab legs served on ice are what gourmet dreams are made of.


THE MAINE DISH / 30.01.17

Lunch Prix Fixe

The Lunch Prix Fixe at The MAINE is an absolute steal -  3 Courses including a glass of wine or beer for only AED 99 per person! The menu features some of our best Brasserie dishes like the Steak Frites, Spring Chicken, Cedar Planked Salmon and the Prime Steak Tartare. There are even a few signature dishes only found at lunch such as the Salade Nicoise and the Sea Bass filet for those who are looking for lighter fare. The best value lunch offer in the city, perfect for a quick business lunch, The MAINE is a 7 minute drive from JLT, Marina and Media City and offers complimentary Valet Service. You can make reservations here.



THE MAINE DISH / 28.12.16

Angry Lobster Linguini

This Exclusive Dish is for ONLY New Years Eve, we're busy preparing our Spicy Lobster Linguini, and it’s gonna be a hot one. Live Maine Lobster and Italian linguini, this shellfish is to be celebrated. You can make reservations here.


THE MAINE Event / 28.12.16

Ringing in the New Year in Style! 

Plans for New Year's Eve?  Come party with The MAINE for killer views of those infamous Dubai fireworks on JBR and The Palm at midnight. Plus, DJ Richie is spinning a mash up of Funk, Disco, Pop and House.

Here's the deal:  
Our special menu includes Seafood Towers, Oysters, ceviche, poached prawns, snow crab legs, foie gras, burrata, the famous chargrilled octopus, and of course - grain-fed Angus Australian Rib Eye. Limited spaces available. Call 04 457 6719 to reserve your spot. 
AED 999 per person including a 4 Course Meal + Open Bar with Bubbles
AED 599 per person for Limited Bar Food + Open Bar (Bubbles at Midnight)

Make reservations now.


The MAINE Dish / 15.12.16

Get Merry at The MAINE

'Tis the season to be Merry at The MAINE. Don’t waste time guessing what your secret santa kinda wants. Treat them to lunch. Our Lunch Prix Fixe menu is the best value in Dubai - Two Courses and a glass of wine at only AED 99 per person. At this price you can treat the entire office. No wrapping paper required. You’re welcome.

Can't be bothered to cook on Christmas Day ?. Don't feel like cleaning up after your messy in-laws ?.  The MAINE knows what you need and it doesn’t include planning the perfect meal your mother-in-law won't approve of anyway. 

Our Christmas Brunch stretches over 3 days and nights, from the 23rd, 24th AND 25th of December and features a traditional Christmas roast that includes Raclette, Carvery, Trifle and Open Bar for AED 499 per person. Do we need to tell you to make your reservations now.



The MAINE Event / 15.12.16

The MAINE turns ONE

Welcome to the 1st edition of The MAINE Dish, the inaugural newsletter of The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill. This month marked the first year anniversary of Dubai’ favourite (and only) homegrown New England seaside brasserie tucked away in the loading dock of the DoubleTree by Hilton JBR. 365 days and nights of memorable brunches, delicious dinners and lazy weekends have made it an unforgettable year. We threw our friends and family a party they won't soon forget. Thank you for your continued love and Support. The MAINE loves you too x

The MAINE Dish is our way of sharing our world with you, keeping you in the loop with our promotions, special events, seasonal dishes and signature cocktails - basically it's all about #TheMAINEdxb.